#1 Make an application
#2 Make the payment
#3 Receive your ETA
#1 Make an application
You can proceed with an eTA application by providing the required information.
#2 Make the payment
The e-visa's cost is to be made through an online payment, with the use of a credit card.
#3 Receive your visa
After having made the payment, the eTA will be sent to your email address.

eTA allows you to visit Canada for:


You can now visit for business reasons by obtaining an Electronic Travel Authorization


Visiting is now a click away. An online Travel Authorization can in fact expedite your Canada e Visa requirements.


Travelers transiting through Canada need to have an Electronic Travel Authorization before boarding their flight.

Requirements to Obtain a Canada eTA Visa - Travel Authorization:

  • Your citizenship is among those belonging to the Canda eTA Visa Program
  • The passport you are travelling with is valid
  • You are going to have enough capital for your staying

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